Aura and Diseases. How aura healing could heal the body ?

Aura is nothing just an energy in its very basic form.  Now how health is connected to Aura most importantly understand how it’s the root cause of every problem regarding mental, physical and psychological health.

Because our body’s most basic function is governed by nervous system which constitutes meridians and what flows in meridians, not blood minerals or water its ENERGY that flows in it. Water and minerals makes structure it doesn’t govern the function. Everything in body is getting impulse energy to function from meridians.

Our body has bio electric energy in meridians (nadi in ayurveda) 72000 meridians in whole body, which creates its magnetic field in width of 1.5-3 inches around the body surface.  This magnetic field is filled with photons around body surface which could be processed known as aura imaging or traced by aura scanner.

This aura could be decreased in width size or deplete due to many reasons like

Electro-magnetic radiation of devices

Geopathic stress (emf due to geo energies)

Conscious negative energies know to be spirits like in very rare cases

Chakra imbalance due to astrological reasons

Wherever the aura width around the body has been decreased it means low bio electric energy in that part of body which in turn means body organs around that part will get low bio energy that means lower organ function. In long term low organ function creates disease there.  Fully depleted photonic layer (aura) could give chronic illness.

Now regeneration of this body’s bio electro-magnetic field Aura could improve the organ function due to travelling of high electric energy in meridians of that part, which is created by some therapy or treatment and at last could heal the disease completely.

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