Aura photography and imaging

Energies around your body could be processed with aura photography, wider and thicker band means strong body aura.

Than aura image is checked for different purpose. Like color around your head provides information about the self and color in your third eye could reveal your mind state in your present phase of your life. Red color in third eye could also mean presence of some evil energy. Color of every part of body is separately analyzed for health problems.

As in the above image around third eye its coming blue in processed image, that means the person is spiritual in nature and has calm and strong mind set

Even photography of different chakra could be taken by capturing that part of the body. Proccessed aura image could tell about does chakra is positive and lighter in ts energy, chakra with heavier energy works negatively.

Thermo graphic photography of your body and representing it with colors will provide your current body-mind state.


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