What is Human Body Aura ? Does aura really exist ? Does our aura is really filled with different colors ?

What is Aura we will see it with a scientific approach?

Most of us have image in our mind that aura is spreaded around our body in different colours. This is not true any of the energy fields in this world can never be colorful, energies doesn’t have any colour they are colorless. And aura is nothing but our body’s energy field.

Now our body energies can be of three types or we can say only three different techniques are developed to diagnose or measure the aura.

First is, our body has 72 thousands meridians which works on current. Medical science says our body has neuro-current in meridians named neuro transmitter chemical. Shri RamSharma Acharya had researched the most about our body’s current, he was one of the earliest people to speak on it, on how current works how to heal and improve it. This current in meridians creates the magnetic flux around the body skin known to be Aura, same as magnetic field around wire having current.

This can be measured using kirlian photography.

Second is, Our body’s organs works on different frequencies range such as brain work on Schumann frequency i.e.; 7.83 Hz means 7.83 cycle in one second, brains normal frequency range is 2 Hz to 70 Hz according to our conditions. Every organ has its own working frequency. Now sensitivity range of these frequencies is another type of energy field around our body. In other words radius till where these frequencies are emitted from body is also the radius of our body aura.

In this method every organ or can be said as chakra have different aura radius and there composite energy is basic aura of the body. Aura can be calculated by this method also and this is the most practically beneficial way to measure it.

A normal human body must have minimum of 2.2 meter radius of Aura. Below 1.5 meter will be critical medical condition or higher negative energies in body. And people with above 4-5 meter of radius are exceptional in some way in their life.

Now the third one and the most uncommon and least scientific approach to aura, and can only are useful in medical aspects. Frequencies or energies emitted from body are differentiated according to their temperature, and each range of temperature is denoted by a colour. This concept of energies temperature is useful because in general practice it is proven that medically unfit body parts emits hot and heavy energies, and completely sound brain and body organs emits lighter energies. Also when are body organs absorbs negative energies such as IR, UV or spirit than that part of body energy will become extreme light or heavy in energy. Heavy energies are hot and light energies are cold, this technique uses thermal imaging system.

A stronger Aura must have bigger blue-violet band in imaging.

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