Aura and Diseases. How aura healing could heal the body ?

Aura is nothing just an energy in its very basic form.  Now how health is connected to Aura most importantly understand how it’s the root cause of every problem regarding mental, physical and psychological health. Because our body’s most basic function is governed by nervous system which constitutes meridians and what flows in meridians, not blood minerals or water its ENERGY that flows in it. Water .... और पढ़े

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Aura photography and imaging

Energies around your body could be processed with aura photography, wider and thicker band means strong body aura. Than aura image is checked for different purpose. Like color around your head provides information about the self and color in your third eye could reveal your mind state in your present phase of your life. Red color in third eye could also mean presence of some evil energy. Color of every part of body is separately anal.... और पढ़े

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What is Human Body Aura ? Does aura really exist ? Does our aura is really filled with different colors ?

What is Aura we will see it with a scientific approach? Most of us have image in our mind that aura is spreaded around our body in different colours. This is not true any of the energy fields in this world can never be colorful, energies doesn’t have any colour they are colorless. And aura is nothing but our body’s energy field. Now our body energies can be of three types or we can say only three different techn.... और पढ़े